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Hello lovelies, I’m Ciara,
and I’m so glad you’re here!

 I know the beauty industry can have a reputation for being vain or frivolous, but that’s not what I’m all about. Beauty is something you feel, something you embody, and–on the best of days–something you radiate. My work isn’t to create beauty. It’s to empower you to find and feel the beauty that already exists within. Beauty looks different on everyone. My purpose is to make you look and feel beautiful by your definition. 


As a Permanent Make-Up Artist, my work (literally) penetrates the surface. I’ll get to know you beyond the surface level so I can help the person you see in the mirror reflect your truest self. I don’t take this responsibility lightly, and I promise to be 100% authentic with you every step of the way. In the spirit of being authentic, I’m going to share a bit of my journey with you. Here’s the Who, What, Why, and How behind Brows by Ciara.  

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Who I Am

I’m a Certified Esthetician with nearly 15 years of experience in the industry, and I hold a magnitude of specialty certificates. I’m an expert Microblading Permanent Make-Up Artist, multi-certified Eyelash Extension Technician, double-certified Waxinging Technician, and Laser Technician to name a few. I have expertise and experience from every corner of this industry. Being obsessed with personal and professional growth has me constantly working to level up my knowledge and skill set. Mastery is a moving finish line in this ever-evolving industry. This may intimidate some, but I’ve always been a reacher, and I’ve been known to love a challenge. 


I’m a mother, entrepreneur, and educator. I welcome clients to my beautiful studio in Okotoks, Alberta, where I offer my PMU services and run my beauty academy. Something you need to know about me is that nothing you see here is by accident. Everything I do is with intention and what I’ve built is from a place of purpose and for my greater purpose. I’ve curated a life of healing, love, and support. I believe in intentional interactions. Soul community means everything to me, and that includes my badass community of clients. 


I was once told that I would never own a successful business because I cared too much about other people’s feelings. I didn’t listen. I’m a firm believer that you can be two things. You can be strong and kind, you can be powerful and vulnerable, and you can be successful while still caring deeply for others. 


Helping others is at the core of who I am as a person. My life’s purpose is to support and connect with others in a meaningful way. My skills and services open the door for those connections, but the impact stretches beyond what you can see.

What I Do

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Now that you’ve got a feel for who I am let’s talk about what I do. I’m a Master Permanent Makeup Artist and Educator. If you’re not familiar with permanent makeup, it’s the process of using electronic tattooing devices to deposit pigments under the skin. This type of cosmetic tattoo is very delicate and is done only by certified professionals. Permanent makeup enhances your natural features or mimics your go-to makeup look.


My clients come to me for eyebrow, eyelash, lip, and skin PMU services. A ton of offerings fall under those umbrellas, including eyebrow microblading/hybrid powder brows, corrective brows, lip blushing, lash enhancement, and facial micro-needling. 


It might be my service offerings that bring you in, but it will be the quality of service that brings you back. You will get the best possible permanent makeup experience while in the studio. Once you leave, you can expect full support from me should any questions or concerns arise. My clients are my community. Our connection isn’t just because there’s a financial exchange. I take a genuine interest.


If you haven’t caught on by now, I’m an open book. While it’s not always comfortable, I think financial transparency is important. So, let’s talk about my pricing. I offer my PMU services at a price that most would consider the middle of the road in terms of industry standards. Brand new artists would charge less than I do, whereas artists with my level of experience would typically charge a lot more. I never want to undervalue myself, my skills, or my years of experience, but I am also very mindful of keeping my prices attainable. I was once a single mom making very little income but busy dreaming of a bigger life. I would save my pennies and book appointments so far in advance, so I could afford to treat myself to some self-care every once and a while. I’ve been the woman that deserves a treat but has to put a great deal of effort into executing it, so I try to keep my prices within reach for people saving up to treat themselves like I did. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am now, so my prices reflect a balance between honouring my value and remembering where I came from. 


On top of my PMU services, I co-own Innovative Beauty Academy, where we offer a range of training to introduce the next generation of gifted artists to the space.

My "Why"

My “why” is simple: impacting the lives of others on so many levels beyond the surface. My “why” is my kids, my community of clients, my incredible students, my mentors and peers in the industry, the woman I was, and the woman I am in the ongoing process of becoming. 

How I Got Here

To understand who and where I am today, it’s important to understand where I came from. 


Growing up, I was always the girl that got everybody ready for the school dances, did everybody’s hair for class photos, and did my friend’s makeup for dates and nights out when we got a little older. It was always me. I loved all things glam and helping others look and feel their best. It wouldn’t be long before I  found my way to Frilly Lilly. The Calgary-based beauty boutique offers everything from waxing and facials to nails, lash, and brow services. Frilly Lilly is fantastic, an absolute force to be reckoned with. They’re a group of inspiring women empowering other women and giving them a place to grow and flourish. The Founder is an absolute Boss. So many of my fundamental business foundations stem from what I learned from her. 


It was there that I learned the power of expert efficiency. The better and more efficient you get, the more you can earn. For the first time, I realized I had control of my own finances, and after learning that, I never looked back. I stopped taking lunch breaks, booked back-to-back appointments, and loved every minute of it. The sense of control instilled a new drive in me, and I was eager to see how far it could take me. While realizing my entrepreneurial spirit, I also discovered how much love I had for those client relationships. I realized that what happens in beauty salons is so much more than painting nails or doing eyelashes. I was now part of a wildly inspiring community of women who supported, celebrated, and encouraged one another to be their best possible selves. The energy was indescribable. 


Everything changed when I had my daughter and realized that I was unexpectedly becoming a single mother. At that point, I had pushed myself to the very top of my pay scale. I was as efficient as I could possibly be without compromising service. I was making as much as I could unless I was willing to take a chance. 


I really loved doing eyebrows, but the jump from tinting and waxing to permanent makeup was terrifying. I was scared, it was something I’d never done before, and the stakes were much higher. The timing wasn’t great, but it never is. So I took the chance, and invested into myself and a new business venture.


Things began to grow. I hired a private educator from Vancouver to hone in on my skills. My mentor saw how I connected with my clients and other emerging artists in my community, and she was constantly encouraging me to teach. She said people clearly felt safe with me, and I was a natural leader. With her support, I started teaching. Eventually, she fully passed the baton over to me. That’s how my journey with Innovative Beauty Academy began. I own Innovative with my business partner, Jen. We grew up together, and, like me, Jen doesn’t let anything in her life happen by accident. When Jen decides she wants something, it’s game over, and she won’t stop until she gets it. She saw what I was up to and dove head-first to meet me in the deep end. We did a collaborative training course, and it blew up. People kept coming back. 


Now, I have two daughters and a stepdaughter, a thriving business that empowers women by making them look and feel like their most beautiful selves, and an ever-growing academy that empowers passionate future permanent makeup artists with everything they need to succeed. I am doing exactly what I was born to do.

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