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On top of my PMU services, I co-own Innovative Beauty Academy, where we offer a range of training to introduce the next generation of gifted artists to the space. 

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If you're ready to level up your permanent makeup skills, you've come to the right place. Goal setting is fun and all, but we're more into goal getting. Our range of PMU training courses set you up with everything you need to boss up and build the career you've always imagined. 


Our beauty academy is located in Okotoks, Alberta. Our graduates have travelled from around the country looking for microblading courses and permanent makeup training like ours. Our 6-week program that houses two hands-on training days as well as two live models gives you the critical skills and experience you need to walk out with confidence and best-in-class knowledge. 


There are a lot of people fighting to make it in this industry. We bring decades of experience to the table to help you stand out from the rest and enter the industry with talent, tenacity, and expertise. 

Your success is our number one priority. The fact that you've landed here means that you're up for the challenge. Let's get to work.

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