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Motherhood: a glimpse of mine

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Lifestyle | Family Blog | Okotoks, Alberta | PMU Artist

Hello, my lovely friends. I’m excited to share my latest journey with you, blogging! This will be my first attempt, so bare with me but do let me know your thoughts. I want to give you guys the opportunity to get to know me outside of my brand and to start, I would love to share a bit about my greatest accomplishment to date; my family. 

Olivia; my first born, the lady that made me a Mama and was my partner in crime for so many “firsts”. She’s unapologetically herself, confident, strong, smart, opinionated and so incredibly compassionate. Being a single Mom for the first 2 years of Olivia’s life helped to build two wildly fierce, independent Women. Needing her to assist in things other

children might not experience without a doubt contributed to her ability to adapt instantaneously, gave her a vocabulary that belongs to a teenager and she’s smarter at 5 than I was in junior high school.

She likes to do math for fun and any spelling quiz tops the books for her favourite activity to take part in. She reminds me everyday of the things we should be grateful for and shows me compassion in all the little things. She forgives me immediately if I wronged her and she loves me unconditionally, she’s my forever best friend and I just love watching her grow into the little leader she is. Watch out for this one, she is gonna be a mover & a shaker, just like her Mama.

My littlest human​, Nola; who appears to be more and more like her daddy everyday. She loves to play with tools, she’s beyond sassy and lives to destruct. She is her father. She’s also sweet beyond words, has a huge heart and is SO funny, her eye roll and annoyance with life is everything. She keeps me on my toes, whether it’s because she is terrorizing or needs more snacks she never stops. That she gets from her Mama.

Sometimes I feel sad that I won’t have anymore babies; then I have to get her and her sissy ready and out the door before 8 am and I’m quickly reminded how busy life already is! I love my mini


This little girl has so much love to give, she’s wise beyond her years, smarter than she should be at her age and has the most compassionate soul. She is the perfect final addition that completed our perfectly imperfect family. 

Last but not least, my forever person; Cody. 

Aka, my ride or die. My biggest fan, the can to my can’t, the do to my don’t, the yes to my no. He is the the hug for my tears, the vault for my thoughts, my ultimate partner in crime, my dream chaser & believer. Through all of the crazy hours, extended work weeks and my hectic schedule this guy just does what’s needed to be done (with a list of course! don’t stress ladies he doesn’t just do it on his own, lol he still needs some direction) he is the best and also the ultimate pain in my butt, haha. He challenges me, teaches me patience and brings me back to reality when I’m off on a rant, he always keeps me laughing & I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for being the chips to my guac and the thorn in my butt simultaneously, it keeps me movin and a shaken.

Well, thats it, heres my first blog. Absolutely terrifying but here she is! Theres plenty more coming, so get ready for it.


Ciara <3

Photography from: Madelyne Photography

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